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Over the past decades the US Supreme Court has evolved regarding its final judgments regarding race and equal protection. As educators one of our goals should be to educate our students about race, separate but equal, and equal protection. Not only is it our civic duty to teach our students the rights they inherently have under the 14th amendment clause of equal protection but that throughout our history this has not always been the case. Race has had a major role in defining equal protection. However, the complete right to equal protection is still being fought to this day. We see this in the form of variations of separate but equal institutions, segregation on the basis of race, and socioeconomic status, as well as violation of equal protection against certain people. The curriculum unit i created is an effort to teach these concepts. You will find a calendar outline of the different cases that should be addressed during a 9 week period. You will find three sample lessons of what i think are the most important cases. In these lessons the goal is to help students understand these issues and make their own inferences. The lessons are structured by land mark Supreme Court Cases, specifically Plessy v. Ferguson, Brown v. the Board of Education, and Loving v. Virginia. These three cases touch base on these issues and the students will be able to analyze the relevance these cases have to the issues being addressed. In order to teach these lessons teachers will have to have some background knowledge on the cases as well as an understanding of about race, separate but equal and equal protection.

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